A downloadable game for Windows


Made for a 5-day challenge

Explore an abandoned mineshaft whilst using bombs to kill flying skeletons and collecting gold

The amazing artwork was made by DevNugget

WARNING - This game was made in an extreme rush due to stuff happening irl. The code is a complete mess.


WASD - Movement

SPACE - Jump

LEFT MOUSE - Shoot bomb

ENTER - Restart level (only when dead)

Install instructions

Download and run the installer to install the game files!


Down The Mineshaft Source.zip 854 kB
Down The Mineshaft Install.exe 25 MB


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love it. feedback: make the title screen less compact (things are skwished together) and maybe remove the square in the center if you can

i think its because the text's not loading

What's the license for the game code? I may want to use it...

Could you describe how you would like to use the code?

I have an azerty cardboard ! It looks very enjoyable ! But I wish I could change the commands

Sorry about that! As I said this game was made in a very short time, I am considering releasing an update at some point so I might be able to add it then :D

This is one of the best pygame games I have ever seen. Good job!

Thank you so much!